My Own Yoga Room

photo (14)I have dabbled in doing Yoga for years. I first bought some VHS tapes and tried to do it at home. That didn’t last long. The YMCA that I have a membership to started having Yoga classes several years back so I did a few here and there. I can honestly say I never really “got it”. I always felt like I wasn’t getting a “real” workout. I wasn’t sweating my ass and at the end of class I was supposed to lie there and do nothing. That was the hardest part of the damn class-my mind works on overdrive all the time, I must do, go, constant-I don’t “BE”, very well anyway. I stopped going. 

Then two years or maybe three I started back and hit the Yoga really hard. Aside from the weird breathing and noises this one instructor had us make, I was liking it and feeling like I might be “getting it”. Then life happened as it always does, and sidetracked me away from doing something good for me into doing for others. Ahh life of a Mother!

But this Fall I decided to try Bikram Yoga in a town about 25 minutes from where I live. Bikram is Hot Yoga: .   I really liked it but hated it was so far away and decided I enjoyed more of a variety of Yoga. But I loved the Heat! So I decided to turn a room off from home office into a Hot Yoga Room. I filled the two windows with Styrofoam  to keep the heat in, painted the walls, bought two heaters and humidifier and decorated. And Voila’-My Own Hot Yoga Room! I purchased a Bikram CD but prefer these websites: My Yoga Online and I love this Gal! I use my room about 2-3 times a week and also attend Yoga and Pilates at the Y on other days. I think a real live community is important for my Yoga/Fitness/Health experience as well.

Yoga room flags yoga photo (13)And Me after Hot Yoga!

photo (12)So I have found my workout-the peace, clarity, strength and the sweat!